Lahl's Cats

These are my cats that I have owned and loved for many years. Unfortunately due to certain events, they are no longer with me.
They were my kids........ and I miss them heaps.

3cats.jpg Decal, Missy and Katrina...... all snoozing on the couch
DecalMissy.jpg Decal and Missy...... two hyper little kittens playing on the scratching post
Decal-teddybear.jpg Decal (named for the white patch on one side of his nose that runs perfectly straight down the center of his nose...... looking like it was a sticker stuck on his face) cuddling up with a great big teddy bear
Katrina1.jpg Katrina, wanting to go for a bike ride
Missy1.jpg Missy having a snooze (that looks real uncomfortable)
Turbo2.jpg Turbo, cuddling one of his toys (we all love our teddy bears)
TurboDecal1.jpg Decal thinks Turbo is another big cuddly teddybear
TurboDecal2.jpg Cuddles are always best when you get cuddled back

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