Lahl's Renderings

These are some of the renderings I have done over the years.
Unfortunately, almost all my work previous to 1999 (dating back to 1991) was lost due to computer problems, but a few pics survived.

The earliest renderings were done on Amiga500 with Sculpt/Animate4D, then later on an Amiga1200 with Imagine2, 3 and 4
Later renders were done on a Pentium133 in Imagine for DOS 4, then later on a PII233 with Imagine for Windows.
Current work is done on my Celeron 1300 (I fried my celeron500) with 3dsmax, tho I have occasionally done some work with lightwave and Cinema4D

I was also recently voted as artist of the month over at renderosity. Mostly the same pics as here, but check it out if you like, make some comments etc

Finished Renders
Test renders - Works in progress

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