Injury Recovery Therapy

Injury Recovery Therapy (IRT)
is the combination of massage and  muscle maintenance. It involves a lightweight exercise program and muscle conditioning exercises and then combining the two with the appropriate massage techniques for the clients condition.
It will assist the muscle groups  affected through an injury to regain some strength, and works towards it's original pre-injury status.

The methods used have proven to be very effective on the majority of cases/conditions and on all age groups that have been involved.

I have found the use of IRT to be effective in the treatment of long and short term injuries and on several occasions of severe trauma
Such as:
sports related injury or some form of workers or motor vehicle injury. 

Through the  years I have used IRT for rehabilitation purposes and approximately 80% of cases worked on have avoided major surgery.

While IRT is not a miracle cure for all conditions, it's success using natural resources and conditioning the body to help itself has been rewarding for many.

You have nothing to loose,
and your health to gain.

We only get
to get us through this life time.

If you look after it,
it will look after you.
So don't forget !

You're here for a good time,by looking after yourself
and make it last
a long time!

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