Dear NEW READERS (blind copies),
The email below is addressed to Greg Barns - a gutless mongrel barrister in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Please note there is no copyright - copy/forward/link/website as you please. The next barrister (TAS-BAR) to be addressed will be Mary Anne Ryan, Derwent & Tamar Chambers.

Martin Bryant is INNOCENT!
Keith Allan Noble
1 MAR 2016


GREG BARNS, Inline image 3
When your name came to my attention again last year, will admit I was uplifted. It stirred me to think that you could help us right the terrible injustice inflicted on innocent Martin Bryant who has been wrongly convicted and incarcerated since April 1996 for crimes he did not commit. (How wrong I was about you.)

Quickly, a paperback copy of the book MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia (2nd edition; 2014; 696 pp.) was ordered for you on 21 SEP 2015. It was airmailed to P.O. Box 124, Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania 7004, Australia. And to ensure it was delivered, your telephone number was provided with the order: (0)419 691 846. Now for our new readers, this postal address is for your office at 81 Salamanca Place in Hobart, Tasmania. All straight forward.

This book with its striking red&white cover bearing images of your corrupt legal mates (Avery, Bugg, Cox), was certainly not solicited by you. And you were not in any way required to acknowledge having received it. In fact, you never did. Too busy perhaps. Money to be made. It seems that you have no concern about the official killing at Port Arthur, or about the appalling injustice being inflicted on innocent Martin Bryant, as well as all the families, friends, and relatives of the victims who have been denied truth and justice since 1996.

The words following appear on page 610 of the said book MASS MURDER:

"On 7 November 1996, (John) Avery's plea of guilty was conveyed to the court. This stopped the trial before it began. It is the worst contrived injustice in the history of modern Australia. On 22 November 1996, Martin Bryant was sentenced to slow death at Risdon Prison. In an article written ten years after this corrupt and highly unethical process Martin Bryant was put through, a columnist with the Hobart Mercury and a member of The Tasmanian Bar wrote the following: 'Mr. Bryant has the same legal rights as any other citizen in our democracy. He is entitled to the same privileges that the law accords any other individual.' No normal decent thinking person would disagree with Greg Barns. But where was Mr. Barns in 1996 when Martin Bryant was put though the legal process described above? Where were the other members of the Tasmanian Bar and The Law Society of Tasmania then? And the lawyers around Australia?"

Your words about Martin Bryant having legal rights - legal rights that he was denied by lawyers - which are quoted above also appeared earlier on (Martin Bryant; 13 April 2006).

So Greg Barns, where were you in 1996? Am not referring to your geographic location. Have always wanted to know why your presence and/or words were absent in 1996 when innocent Martin Bryant was turned into a lone-nut gunman by the corrupt media. The media that illegally broadcast a manipulated image of Martin that made him appear deranged and biased the nation against him. Where were you back then? You should have spoken out regardless of what your geographic location was. You have been involved with law since the mid- 1980s. But no record seems to exist of you ever speaking out specifically about the incident at Port Arthur, or against the manipulative media, or condemning the corrupt legal process that took place in 1996. You have not spoken out Mr. Barns, even though you claim the following about yourself on:

Greg Barns graduated BA LLB from Monash University in 1984. He was a member of the Victorian Bar where he practiced in criminal law from 1986-89 and has been a member of the Tasmanian Bar since 2003. Greg was chief of staff and senior adviser to a number of federal and state Liberal Party leaders and ministers from 1989-99. He is also the former National Chair of the Australian Republican Movement and a director of human rights group, Rights Australia. Greg has written three books on Australian politics, is a Director of the Australian Lawyers Alliance, and a member of the Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance.

Areas of Practice:
Criminal Law acting for defendants, including appellate work and white collar crime
Prison Law
Administrative Law
Coronial Inquests
Native Title"

Yes you have impressive legal qualifications - but you never fought to defend Martin Bryant. No doubt your colleague Sandra Taglieri had pressing netball practice. But what did you have in 1996, or 1997, or 1998, that kept you away from standing up and raising obvious and highly disturbing facts like the 22-body refrigerated mortuary truck being manufactured ready for the mass murder? Do you believe Martin arranged for that vehicle? Do you believe Martin told Nelson Brothers Funeral Services in Melbourne to have that special embalming equipment "manufactured ready for the incident" of official killing? What stopped you from decimating the corrupted identifications presented by notorious Tasmania Police? What prevented you from helping the mentally handicapped boy-man with his IQ of 66 who was and who still is being tortured in hell? Please enlighten all Australians on each of these points. Tell us how you fought for Martin.

It is now obvious to me that I really erred in my assessment of you. Based on my initial impressions, you talk a good talk. But when it comes to walking the walk, you are an utter failure like the rest of your TAS-BAR colleagues. No? Well here's some more proof.

In an appallingly biased, incomplete, and intentionally damaging article - Monster on the Inside - written by Sarah Blake and published in The Australian on 13 September 2015, your words are quoted. Below is an extract from this News Corp Australia hit piece which serves no function beyond promoting the corrupt official narrative of the incident at Port Arthur:

"But some in Tasmania think it's time to start talking about what happened all those years ago at the former penal colony 90 minutes drive from the capital. 'It was a terrible thing that happened in this community but it needs to be discussed,' says outspoken prisoner advocate and barrister Greg Barns.' ... 'The secrecy over the public service in this town is disgraceful and public servants ought to be able to speak out about these issues,' says Barns. 'And particularly with Port Arthur. If they were involved with Port Arthur they ought to be able to talk to the media about it.' Barns is among a small section of the legal fraternity who question Bryant's representation at his emotion fuelled trial (there was never a trial - Noble) in 1996."

So after innocent Martin Bryant was placed under a guardianship order on 2 APR 1994 - Mental Health Act; Tasmanian Supreme Court; he was represented by Peter Griffits of the law firm Griffits & Jackson - which meant he was not competent to make any plea on any criminal charge, and after he was detained in isolation and coerced for over six months (APR-NOV) in 1996, and after he was denied proper legal representation following the Port Arthur incident, and after Avery - John Avery is, in plain language, a shit human being and a criminal - forced his guilty plea down Martin Bryant's throat, and after several witnesses stated in writing that the gunman was not Martin Bryant, and after the corrupt prosecutor Damian Bugg stated a screed of never-proved-in-a-trial nonsense as if it was the gospel truth, and after that master of corruption William Cox wrongly sentenced innocent Martin Bryant to a slow death in a cage, and after all Martin's assets were robbed by the Tasmanian government with NO details about who ended up with all the money being made public, you Mr. Barnes finally spoke out. But just a few pathetic words - 19 years after the incident at Port Arthur. Perhaps your conscience was indeed starting to bother you.

But you have taken no action that is forceful and sustained - even though it is said you are an "outspoken prisoner advocate." So please let me know what advocacy you have done for innocent Martin Bryant who has now been wrongfully imprisoned for nearly 20 years. Lots of concerned people around Australia would like to know what exactly you have done for him.

You're not screaming BLOODY MURDER are you Mr. Barns? There is NO record of you standing up and stating loudly and persistently that there was NO trial - and, NO coronial inquest. In your own biography you actually claim "Coronial Inquests" as an area of legal interest. But there seems to be no record of you ever saying one single word about the fact a coronial inquest was denied to all Tasmanians. Allegedly, 35 people were killed and 23 were wounded over seven crime scenes, and even eyewitnesses wrote in their statements that they would give evidence under oath (read LEAKED DOCUMENTS), but your corrupt legal mates ensured there was NO trial and NO coronial inquest, and NO public enquiry, and NO royal commission. Just your three mongrel mates, all lawyers - Avery, Bugg, Cox. They decided everything. And for this, they are responsible for Martin's death - regardless of how it befalls him in Risdon Prison.

You offered a few words to that writer of rubbish Sarah Blake. But there it ended. You have withdrawn back to your office, back to your pressing need of making money or whatever it is that prevents you from fighting for Martin before he dies of torture inside Risdon Prison - or before they knock him there. You have withdrawn, when you should be fighting to have Martin Bryant released immediately from Risdon Prison on humanitarian grounds - and, because he is INNOCENT!

It is my hope you lie awake in the cold dark hours of the morning and reflect on what you have NOT done for an innocent human being. And when Martin leaves us as inevitably he will, his dear mother and sister will be sick with grief and relief. You however, will most probably be still deceiving yourself - and unfortunately others you gull - that you are a good barrister, a good prisoner advocate, and that you are concerned about human rights, and truth, and justice.

I put it to you Mr. Barns, it seems to me that you really are nothing more than another gutless mongrel barrister. And it seems that Tasmania is crawling with them - verminlike.

Dr. Keith Allan Noble; author
Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7
1030 Vienna, Austria
t. 43-1-9712401

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