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When a people have their history concealed from them long enough, there is eventually no one left who can remember what really happened - George Orwell 1984

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The Port Arthur Massacre Since 1996
Port Arthur 10 Years On
News Corp. Keeps Official Line
Gun Laws In Australia
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Dedicated to those people who read what I had to say before passing judgement. Who, at least, considered the facts with an open mind exposing the plot to murder innocent men, women, and children for an incidious, ideal. I was never alone in my knowledge of what really happened. The media did not report what we dug up - it was contrary to the official line and implicated them in a conspiracy to dupe the Australian public into giving up their guns. Thankfully, I was simply a voice among many who knew that a great injustice had been done to the victims of the Port Arthur massacre and most especially to the man the authorities and media sacrificed as the patsy. To these other investigators, writers, ex- policemen and wonderful people who have just simply read our reports and were thoroughly convinced of what no sane person can ignore I say to you that your bravery in implicating yourself as a believer has not gone unnoticed by good people who refuse to let evil flourish. I salute you.

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