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When a people have their history concealed from them long enough, there is eventually no one left who can remember what really happened - George Orwell 1984

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The Port Arthur Massacre Since 1996
Port Arthur 20 Years On
News Corp. Still Lying About Bryant
Gun Laws In Australia
Email To Barrister Bastards
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NO hard evidence proving guilt.
No motive. NO DNA evidence.
NO fingerprints.
NO forensic report
NO legal representation.(Police confiscates M.B. wealth)
NO choice of lawyer (Appointed court lawyer instead)
NO accurate reporting from media.
NO legal or media integrity
NO witness identification.
NO witnesses testified in court
NO critical witnesses on witness list.
(Shot witness denied identification of prisoner)
NO public enquiry.
No coronial inquest.
No complete list of witnesses.
NO forensics results (Blood splatter on MB's clothes etc.).
NO crime re-enactment.
No jury trial.
No free admission of guilt.
NO proper firearm ownership.
No objection to laws being changed to charge MB (low IQ)
NO Justice

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