* Copyright Joe Vialls 14-5-97

Since part one of the story was published I have received a number of letters from the public, mostly sporting shooters, correctly sensing they were set-up and asking what to do next. It is a very good question. Forget appeals to media and forget judicial reviews of events. The media will ignore you, and any judicial review controlled by government will be manipulated into an orchestrated whitewash closely akin to the Warren Commission in Dallas.

As a first step, pressure should be exerted on your federal and state representatives to ask formal questions in Parliament. This will result in your demands for action being recorded in Hansard, which is important because recalcitrant politicians hate unwanted matters recorded in official documents. Include copies of parts one and two of my report, and refer to them in writing, thereby removing your elected representative's ability to later argue that he or she had no idea what you were talking about. Ram the harsh reality of Port Arthur down the gullets of every fat-cat in Canberra until they start gagging on the facts.

If Australian sporting shooters wish to clear their collective names they will have to agree to a strategy which reverses the psyop illusion at Port Arthur. Ultimately civil legal action will almost certainly be needed to shake Canberra out of its terminal apathy and its blatant subservience to minority lobby groups.

Time is the biggest enemy. If the Libyans had known about the American PSYOP shortly after WPC Fletcher's murder in London and had swiftly mounted a civil action against the British Government, considerable embarrassment would have ensued, perhaps enough to stall the attack on Tripoli and the downing of Pan Am 103. But they took no aggressive legal action, and twelve years of subtle media reinforcement later, are nowadays viewed in the west as a nation populated entirely by terrorists. Always remember the media turns fiction into fact as readily as it turns fact into fiction.

Riding piggyback on the atrocity at Port Arthur, the lobbies and politicians are currently setting up Australian sporting shooters as internal redneck terrorists, and if no aggressive defensive legal action is taken I can confidently predict that within months or years another psyop will be executed in Australia; this time using semiautomatic handguns and revolvers aimed at introducing legislation that will outlaw all such weapons for ever. Do you really want that? No, you do not, and there are four million other sporting shooters like you with more than enough collective voting power and funding to stop it happening.

As par tow of the report suggested the first objective must be that of proving Martin Bryant was innocent of the murders at Port Arthur, This is critically important because until that is achieved his presence in prison will be used as "proof" that firearms are too dangerous to be held by those members of the public who in time of war train and supplement our defense forces.

How you feel about Martin Bryant personally is not an issue. Like him or not, Bryant is currently being held aloft by politicians and lobbies as a psyop 'flag' proving the legitimacy of their legislation, which undermined Australian national security.

Proving Bryant innocent will remove that flag completely, and with it the justification for introducing the illegal legislation in the first place. Critically, at the same time it will prove by default that Australia was attacked by an armed external interest group, opening the way to repeal the legislation on the legitimate grounds that Australia needs more rather than less defensive weapons in the community to withstand future attacks on our nation and people. The Swiss defense model is an excellent example of what all sporting shooters should strive to achieve.

Before that, an independent investigation must be carried out in Tasmania to prepare the legal bullets for the lawyers to fire at the Federal Government in Canberra. If you want to win, those bullets are going to have to be solid silver and obtaining them will be expensive. Investigating matters that government does not want investigated can be extremely difficult and expensive as I found out with Yvonne Fletcher's murder in London. In the end the cost of that investigation alone ran to many hundred thousand dollars, and similar costs can be anticipated if the mass murder at Port Arthur is to be investigated properly.

Somehow or other funds will have to be raised, and though I am a more than adequate investigator I wouldn't have a clue where to start raising finds of this magnitude. Logic suggests that a 200,000 strong demonstration in Sydney or Brisbane where everyone throws two dollars in the pot would be a good place to start but, again, I am no expert. Whoever organized the 120,000 strong demonstration in Melbourne last year is invited to contact me if he has the time; and if any philanthropic multi- millionaires reading this item wish to short-circuit the process by chucking in a few semi-trailer loads of banknotes, that's OK as well.

Finally, I must point out that so far as I have personally funded the investigation work into Port Arthur and have received no payments for the publication of copyright report or from any other source.

This was done willingly, because every Australian has the right to know that government and media alike have conspired to pervert the course of justice in the case of the mass murder of thirty five Australian citizens on Australian sovereign territory, but I cannot justify spending any more of our limited family finds on the matter. Therefore anyone writing to me in future who would like to receive a reply is asked to enclose a post office money order made out to "J. Vialls", sufficient to cover the cost of computer disposables, stationary, and postage.


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