The Wildlife group to which I belong. Over 100 pages of photographs and information about the animals, birds and reptiles in our care.
Lone Pine Koala
A great site!  Probably the only place on the Net where you can hear a koala calling but don't stop at the main page. This sanctuary is dedicated to koalas but also has other Aussie wildlife. 
Fauna Rescue of Queensland This is a lovely site with beautiful photographs of the animals cared for by this organisation as well as great by carers.
Viv and Lorraine An excellent page by experienced carers proving that raising joeys is not for the faint hearted or untutored.
Wildlife Welfare
Organisation of
South Australia
An excellent source of information on caring for Australian wildlife.
Skippy's Kangaroo World This page will well worth taking a look at - it has lots of information about kangaroos and is very well presented.
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Central Florida A group of wildlife carers in Central Florida which is doing some great work.
faunacarebutton.gif (4611 bytes) A South Australian non-profit organisation which provides assistance for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The Fauna Rehabilitation Foundation This is a new website belonging to a group of dedicated wildlife carers in Western Australia.
kwrs button.jpg This site won third prize in the Yowie Power Awards - well worth a visit to see what this great group of people do.
Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers A "sister" group which operates in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales
The Hidden Mountain Sanctuary This mother and daughter team care for wildlife in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales.

Home Pages
Valdoe A "Joker" from Down Under
Wendy AKA "Breezy" - an all American girl
Jan Another wonderful friend with a great page
Larry A true gentleman from San Diego - giver of roses and candy
"Wallaby's" Something a little different - "Wallaby's" is a restaurant in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and its home page has some extremely interesting and useful links to everything under the sun.
"The Koala Dreamabout" A very nicely done page from Germany.