My Rogues Gallery

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This is a selection of my favorite photographs mostly of my own hand raised "babes" but also some miscellaneous photographs of which I'm rather fond. (Click on the images to see the full size photo.)

Jamaica (on the left) and Mippet. These two boys were both released at the end of last season (February 1997). They are still living on my property and come in for supplementary feeding every night.

Mippet - one of my favourite boys - he has a tremendous personality and when he was little he used to ensure that his feed box was never empty by banging on the sides of it when it was getting a little low. The two roos in the background are Linus and Blossom. Both have joeys this year.

These two photographs were taken on my driveway not 20 feet from the front door. Both these kangaroos are male and both are wild. They were both over 5 feet tall standing erect, and were fighting over the favours of a couple of my released girls who had taken refuge close to the house.

The strength of these animals is quite amazing and they can and do inflict serious injuries on each other and humans. I have no idea who won this particular battle because it went on for about half an hour and they had moved down into the paddock by that time.

Pete (standing) actually deserves a page of his own. He was found hanging upside down in a barbed wire fence where he had been for at least 12 hours. He was cut down and when he hadn't moved the next day the property owners called Wildcare. By the time I got there he had crawled into a very large thicket of blackberry bush. I managed to retrieve him and took him home. He had barbed wire cuts on both feet through to the bone, the cuts were fly blown, circulation to his feet had all but stopped and he was in shock and dehydrated. After stabilising him and getting the circulation going again, I took him to the vet. and about three weeks later he had ligament repair surgery to his feet. For another four weeks both feet were in plaster. He made a full recovery and was successfully released. The last time I saw him around April 1997, he had grown substantially, still remembered me and was in excellent health. Unfortunately poor little Lisa (in the pouch) wasn't so lucky, she too was caught in a barbed wire fence but had to be put down because the bones in her foot had become badly infected and had disintegrated.

I love this photograph. If you click it you will see a young released kangaroo getting his early morning exercise, with another roo looking on sedately. As you can see it was a cold, frosty morning but it didn't dampen his spirits in the slightest. He looks just like the kangaroo on the Qantas logo.