Rogues Gallery

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True Love??? Hmmmmmmm

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Blossom - the object of "affection" - complete with joey hiding in her pouch.

Hmmm...... and what, pray, is this??? Strangest looking joey I ever saw!! Ahhh well, everything is a little strange in this place.


Yawn........ OK woman........ I'm here!



I'm patient...... and you out there!... just watch the master romancing this little honey!

Now look here woman!!! I've been patient...its been a full five minutes since I arrived and you haven't paid me any attention at all!


<snort> I'm going to hang out with the boys till you come to your senses.


Well REALLY!!!! The cheek of HIM!!


"Did you ever see anything quite so rude? What did he think I was? Some kind of loose woman?"