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Phi Phi Island - view from our bungalow The view from our bungalow at the Phi Phi Princess.  The hotel is situated on a very narrow "neck" of land with the harbour on one side and this beach on the other.  The markets were located right outside the main reception area of the hotel and restaurants and harbour were only a 3 minute walk.
The most memorable day on Phi Phi was our snorkelling trip.  The weather was perfect and we visited six reefs, each of which was better than the last.  One of the locations we visited was the setting for the latest Leo de Caprio movie.  I can fully understand why the Krabi coast is so popular with film makers.


on the way to one of six snorkelling locations


snorkelling trip The islands in this area of Thailand are all the most fantastic shapes.  Most are deserted and many have extremely high cliffs which would make exploration of them extremely difficult to say the least. 
This picturesque fishing village was one of the stops we made the day we went snorkelling.   The people there live much as they have for hundreds of years and are without exception extremely hospitable.  

Thai fishing village


swimming in the waters above one of the reefs

I couldn't resist adding this photograph because I was totally blissed out when this was taken.   I hadn't been snorkelling on a coral reef in years, not since I holidayed on Heron Island.  This area is perfect for snorkellers and the coral and the fish rival our own Great Barrier Reef.