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The Krabi Coast with a storm moving in.

Our next stop was Cape Panwa on the mainland of the Krabi Coast.  The weather had started to deterioriate because we were just coming into the "wet season".  Despite this we were able to take advantage of a few hours of sun every day.  The high spot of these five days was the trip to the "sea caves" which honeycomb the islands on this coastline.

Our wonderful crew of paddlers Our tour guides.  All these boys were wonderful, particularly our own paddler, Billy who had a tremendous sense of humour.  The tour leader was Art, who was not only a lot of fun but extremely knowledgeable and caring of the fragile environment.
Hong Island.   One of the stops on the Sea Caves tour.  This tour took in the Bat Cave, the Oyster Shell Cave, the Mangrove Cave and Hong Island.


Hong Island - Krabi Coast


Leaving one of the sea caves Several of the caves we visited were only accessible during low tide and you had to lay down in the canoe to get into them.  The water was so clear that you sometimes had the impression that you were suspended in space.


This is definitely NOT a trip for anyone suffering from claustrophobia.  

Entering the sea cave inside Hong Island


Inside Hong Island


If anyone is a fan of the James Bond movies they will probably recognise this scene.  It was the location for some of the action shots from the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun".