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One of the beautiful statues of buddha in a temple in Bangkok.

After the relative coolness of the Krabi Coast, arriving in Bangkok was like stepping into a solid wall of hot water.   The heat and humidity were unbelievable and it wasn't even the hottest time of the year! 

I have deliberately arranged the photographs on the following pages to show the contrast between the poverty which exists side by side with the opulance of the beautiful temples and shrines which are everywhere in this city.

Bangkok at sunset Bangkok at sunset from the 37th Floor of the Monarch Lee Gardens Hotel.  Bangkok has a population which is only slightly less than the whole of Australia
There is a multitude of canals in Bangkok and the shores of these are liberally sprinkled with charming Buddhist temples and shrines. 


Small Buddhist temple on the Bangkok canals.


Homes along the canals - some with longtail boats tied up. Sitting right next to many of the temples are the homes of the people who live on the canals.   Despite the poverty stricken appearance of the majority of these homes there is almost always a basket or two of brightly coloured flowers growing outside.
One of the stops we made during a tour of the canals was the Snake Show.  Whilst I am a member of Wildcare and our group does handle its share of venomous snakes, I have never conquered my fear of these reptiles.  As a consequence shortly after I took this photograph it all got too much for me and I literally hurdled upwards, over three tiers of seats to put a respectable distance between me and "them".  

Snake handler with cobra