I suddenly realised that I don't have a single photograph of some of the wallabies I've cared for, nor do I really have any photographs of the possums, except for the montage on Jaws' page.  So here they are - more animals I've cared for plus little Shari the wombat, who came to me in February 1999 after her mother was killed by a car.  (Click on the photographs to see the enlargements.)

Marco, my last Swamp Wallaby

This is Marco, a Swamp Wallaby, shortly after he first came into care in April 1998.  His mother was killed by a car and I had him for nearly 10 months.

Marco - just before I released him in January 1999.  As you can see, Swampies change rather dramatically as they get older.  I last saw Marco in August 1999 - he looked wonderful, had grown a bit taller and was obviously thriving.  I'm hoping he will get together with Cleo and Zoe, the two female Swampies I released early in 1998.  Marco is such a handsome little guy and he should father some beautiful joeys. Marco - January 1999
Cleo, Zoe, Boots and Friday


In 1997/98 I was lucky enough to have two female swamp wallabies, Cleo and Zoe, as well as several Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  The two in this photograph are Friday (in the foreground) and Boots, both females.  All four were released early in 1998, but sadly little Friday was caught in a fence a couple of weeks later.  She had a broken pelvis and I had to have her put to sleep.  She is buried in my rose garden alongside her little friend Pam.  Boots has successfully raised two joeys and I expect to see another bulge in her pouch very soon.


This little bundle of fluff is Rufus.  Rufus is a Brushtail possum  and he wasn't really mine.   I was just "babysitting" him while his foster mother, Val,  was in Canada.  As he came into care as a pinky, with his eyes closed, he didn't know any other mother but Val and he sulked the whole time he was with me.  I can't say I blame him because he must have been so confused.  Rufus has now been successfully released and I understand he's now the dominant male in the  area.


Rufus - Brushtail possum


Shari - Common Eastern Wombat

I received Shari on 2 February 1999, after her mother was killed by a car.  She weighed a little over 4 lbs. (2 kg.).  When this photograph was taken she weighed nearly 3.5 kg.   I handed her over to her pre-release carer on 28 March.  She was paired with a male wombat named Tuffy and both wombats have now been successfully released.  Having Shari was been a wonderful experience because I'd never cared for a wombat before.  They are not only cute, but they have a great sense of humour and will play for hours.