Limerick General Advertiser

1 April 1814

To Godfrey MASSY, Esq, Lieutenant Costlea Cavalry.

Galbally, March 22.

We the undersigned Members of the Costlea Cavalry, having seen with surprise the appointment of an Officer to succeed our late much respected and regretted Captain MASSY, by which appointment the Rules and Regulations of the Corps, at its formation, having been broken through, and the terms under which we have Enrolled ourselves completely deviated from, and being left no choice whatsoever of an officer, feel it a duty we owe ourselves, while we regret the necessity—to hereby tender our Resignation to you our worthy Active and Spirited Senior Officer, under whose command we should have found pleasure to have continued our exertions for the peace of the country; and we request of you to forward to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant this our Resignation.
    Benjamin CASHEL, Permanent Sergeant; Richard KARANGY, Sergeant; Abraham BAKER, Sergeant: H. G. BENNETT, Richard HOLMES, John LOWE, Mich M’CANN, Wm. MASSAY, John HALWAY, Henry HOLMES, Mathew HILL, John HILL, John CONNELL, Benjamin MARTIN, Wm. BARGIN, Thomas HENNESSY, John CROKER, Michael KELLY, Kennedy O’BRIEN, Michael DEVEREUX, Patt DEVEREUX, David CALLAGHAN, Richard HOWEL, Wm. MAGNER, Mich. DALY, Maurice HALWAY, Robert MAGRATH, Denis FAHY, Patrick HALWAY, Maurice HALWAY, Mich. CLOSSEY, Wm. COONEY, Daniel BORROR, Mich. BORROR, Geo, VALANCE, Geo. CHAPMAN, Richard KARANGY, Wm. CONNELL, Wm. HIGGS, Thomas KEARNY, Toby BOURKE, Daniel CRANITCH, Wm. CRANITCH, Wm. M’CLUR, John M’CLUR, John ALLEN, John BARNES, Edmond FOLEY, John BLACKBURN, John DOHERTY, James RYAN, Dennis MULLIN, John MULEAREY, Daniel DOHERTY, John DOHERTY, Jeremiah DOHERTY, Thomas KEATING, Bryan O’ROURKE, John SHARPLY, Philip MACKEY.
   The Spirited and unwearied exertions of the Costlea Cavalry, being by the strange and sudden appointment in place of our late beloved Captain, likely to be lost to the country, adds not a little to the affliction which I feel for that ever to be lamented event, an it is therefore with great regret that I shall comply with your desire, in communicating your Resignation to Government.
   Allow me to return you my most sincere Thank for the handsome terms which you express towards me, and to lament that any circumstance should occur to discontinue our association.
   Believe me to be, with truest regard, your very faithful attached friend and humble Servant.

Godfrey MASSY

   Ballywire, March 22.

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