Limerick Land holders

This list of land holders appeared in the Limerick Chronicle in September and October 1832

The list was partially sorted on family name with later entries having less detail than earlier ones. The list is incomplete as it stops at the Os. One feels that the editor gave up as the task was too onerous. The gaps in the numbers are 538–1041; 13398–2126; 25858–3571 then 4229+.

Part 1 — from Gerald ADAMS to Edward BOURKE

Part 2 — from Frederick BOURKE to William P CAREY

Part 3 — from Connor CARMODY to Joseph CUSSEN

Part 4 — from Thomas DALTON to Luke HARTIGAN

Part 5 — from Martin HARTIGAN to Edmond, jun HOWARD

Part 6 — from Garrett HOWARD to Thomas MEAGHER

Part 7 — from Wm. MEAGHER to Jeremiah MURPHY

Part 8 — from John MURPHY to Jeremiah O'SULLIVAN

1947 records complete