Freeman's Journal

31 March 1857

  Death of a Centenarian.— There died, towards the close of last week, at Lissenhall, about two miles distant from this town, a man named John MORGAN, who had attained the mature age of 110 years.  Up to a recent period he was hale and vigerous, so much as to be able to walk into Nenagh on Sunday to attend chapel, and he possessed all his faculties unimpaired; but shortly before his death he exhibited symptoms of imbecility, and his sight failed him.  His constitution, however, remained sound, and his appetite good, nearly to the day of his demise.  It was his custom to bathe regularly during summer, and so hardy was his frame that in the depth of winter he used frequently get out of bed at night, and sit by the fire in a state of nudity, while smoking his pipe.—Nenagh Guardian

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