Limerick Evening Post and Clare Sentinel

27 July 1830

  On Tuesday last, the house of a man named O'DONNEL, near Doolen, Co. Clare was entered by an armed party, who call for Bridget MACNAMARA, who had taken up her abode there for the night, and after severely beating her, tendered to her an oath, not to father a child, which she then carried, upon a man named Pat DOHERTY.  This oath she having refused to take, DOHERTY discharged the contents of a gun at her.  Mr. TOWNSEND, Chief Constable, hearing of the outrage, proceeded instantly with his party to the spot, and arrested DOHERTY and two others of the party, who, were fully identified by the woman.  Archdeacon WHITTY, attended and swore Margaret M'NAMARA to her information.  The poor woman has since died from premature labour, brought on by the outrage.


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