Belfast Newsletter

23 March 1749/50

  Last Week died, Catherine MC A FEE of Carneany near Rathfryland in the County of Down, aged 115 Years: She had 83 Broguemakers to her Sons, Grand sons, Great grand sons, and Sons in Law; her Father, Grand father and Great Grand father were all Broguemakers and she married one herself; and when on her Death Bed, reckoning her Kindred, and she sound that all the Broguemakers 12 Miles round were her Offspring or Kindred; and desired, for the Honour of the Trade, she might be interred in a Ben-Leather Coffin.———With the following Epitaph:

  When I am laid beneath the Ground,
  My praise all o'er the Nation found:
  Among my Sons are no rogues,
  But honest Men as e'er made Brogues.

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