Limerick General Advertiser

21 September 1819

Public Nuisance---Canal Bathing

  It is imperative on us to notice the repetition of scenes so prevalently disgraceful as those frequently repeated on the most agreeable walk in our City.  At the hour of two o'clock on Sunday, the Canal was crowderd to excess, by numbers in a state of shameful nudity, whose indecent and audacious appearance prevented the charming recreation which our fair Citizens enjoy in a promenard so cool and salubrious.  The Citizens of Dublin were annoyed in a manner similar to the present abhorrent practice, until the very active and laudable measures of the Police disencumbered the Gentlemen of their apparel, &c. &c. on the scene of action.  This produced the desired effect and we trust, that all who wish to encourage public utility and prevent a recurrence of such indelicacy, will co-operate with the Magistrates in bringing to justice those youthful delinquents who at present hold in defiance all measures of moral and judicial authority.

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