Limerick General Advertiser

3 April 1810

  Waterford, March 31.—Some nights ago, a party of caravats visited several houses at Grange, close to this city, searching for arms, and also, if we are rightly informed, for money, of which they robbed some of the inhabitants.  On Wednesday last, about ten o'clock, a considerable number of armed men, burnt a farm-house and the barn of Mr. Maurice POWER of this city, at a place called Sporthouse in the county, and about four miles distant from Waterford.  They also shot one of Mr. POWER's horses , and maltreated his servants.  Mr. M. POWER took the farm from Joseph POWER, Esq, of Newtown, and entered on the posession of it on the 25th of this month.  It was previously occupied by a widow of the name CORCORAN, whose lease expired on the above day, and who had peaceably surrendered the posession.  In the present instance the caravats did not follow their usual practice, of serving the new tenant with a warning notice.

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