Limerick General Advertiser

26 October 1819

  In the last number of the Mayo Constitution newspaper, received at our Office, there were reported, at length, two trials of no small importance, which excited considerable interest in that county, and which took place at the Quarter Sessions held at Castlebar: the first was a criminal prosecution instituted against the Rev. J. HUGHES, coadjutor Priest of Castlebar, John MAGUIRE, and Robert SHERIDAN; for violently assaulting Catherine GERAGHTY.  The prosecutrix was a woman of bad character, whom her Clergyman appeared disposed to reform, and, considering that a horswhip and a cudgel would have a much more weighty effect than gentle admonition towards reformation, he applied them with no small share of violence, flogging her before him for above a mile of ground, and he also cut off her flowing ringlets.  In the commission of the assault he was assited by the other prisoners.  The three were found guilty.  Some circumstances of a palative nature having appeared in favour of Mr. HUGHES, his object evidently being the reformation of the unfortunate woman, though he adopted a violent and illegal mode of affecting it, the jury recommended the prisoners, and they were sentenced---Mr. HUGHES to twenty-four hours, and his associates to one week's imprisonment.

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