Freeman's Journal 4 July 1851

Abstract of the Census of Ireland taken in the years 1841 and 1851

The following most important document will suggest consideration of the highest social interest; and its value as a state paper cannot be overestimated :—

Table of data

  *Nore.— This return has been complied from abstracts of the population of townlands and streets by the several enumerators, which may hereafter be altered in some degree upon revision, but it is apprehended that no change of any very great substance will be necessary.

  The date of the present census being 68 days earlier than that of the preceeding, 5841 persons should be added to the gross populations of 1841, that being the number of harvest labourers who it was ascertained had left Ireland previous to the 7th June in that year.  In the absence, however, of a general system of registration of births and deaths in Ireland, the necessary adjustments in consequence of the change in the periods at which the census of 1841 and 1851 were taken cannot be arrived at.  Neither of these returns include the army serving in Ireland.


Number of persons in 1821 6,801,827  Number of persons in 18418,175,124
Ditto in 1821 7,767,401  Ditto in 18416,515,794

Dublin, 26th June, 1851.

Chief Commissioner
Rigister General
William R WILDE
Asistant Commissioner

Edward SINGLETON, Secretary

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