Freeman's Journal

1 October 1857


  September 14, at Keel, the residence of her brother-in-law, Mr. John LANGFORD, Frances, relict of Timothy CONAN, Esq, T.C.D\., aged 42 years.  Mrs. CONAN was the grand neice of Brigadier-General James Henry Count CONWAY, immediate niece to the late General Thomas and the present Colonel James CONWAY, first cousin to the present Thomas Sydenham CONWAY, C.B., Colonel of the Grenrdier Guards; sister to the late Captain Phillip and Lieutenant James CONWAY O'CONNOR, formerly of the 73d regiment, and sister to the resent John Conway O'CONNOR, C.E.  The CONWAY family have distingusihed themselves in the fighting fields of fame and of fortune.  Count CONWAY and his nephews, the late General Thomas and the present Colonel James CONWAY, fought gallantly amongst the foremost in the ranks of the brave Irish Brigade, and shivered their long lances on the memorable plains of Fontenoy.  Phillip Conway O'CONNOR, brother to Mrs. CONAN, was at the taking of the King of Candia (as Lieutenant), under the command of the late General Sir Maurice O'CONNELL.  Captain Phillip and Lieutenant James Conway O'CONNOR were both lost in the bloom of early life.  Mrs. CONWAY was gentle, amiable, and kind through life, and is now sadly mourned by all her sorrowing friends.—Tralee Chronicle,

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