Limerick General Advertiser

23 Sep 1805

  Lately, at Passage, near Waterford, after a tedious courtship of one hour and forty minutes, Mr. Jonas ORDE, a gentleman of colour, and cook of his Majesty's ship Triton, to Miss Johanna GRIFFIN, a lady of exquisite beauty, and of the same profession on shore: immediately after the connubial knot was tied, the happy couple repaired to their habitation, the doors of which were instantly thrown open for the reception of his shipmates, and every soul in the parish who thought proper to honor him with a visit on the occasion; all of whom he regaled with flaggons of whiskey, black pudding, and a large roll of tabacco, which was placed on the side-board, for their accommodation.  Jonas sat, like an angel of darkness, in a corner the remainder of the day, laughing, cracking his jokes, and taking a comfortable quid, until he was summonded to ascend the numtial couch; he had hardly secured his retreat, when the air resounded with three cheers; pipers and fifers playing, and drums beating; but one of the tars having discovered that no colours were flying, he soon supplied that defect, by darting a boat-hook through the window of the appartment where the happy cooing turtles were caged, and, hooking the curtains, brought them out, with which they paraded the streets until a late hour, when they all departed, perfectly satisfied with the day's amusement, and left the wedded pair to enjoy the fruits of their good fortune, without further disturbance.

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