Limerick General Advertiser

10 August1810

Sessions Court, Cork, Aug. 2.

  Yesterday a case of some importance to the trading part of the city came on to be tried befor Mr. Recorder WAGGETT.  This was wherein Mr. CROKER, baker, was indicted for assaulting and obstructing Mr. J. BALLARD and Mr. John WHITE, two of the market jury, in the exercise of their office.  It appeared that the above gentlemen went to the house of the traverser, Mr. CROKER, to weigh and examine the quality of his bread, and that the other resisted, and would not permit them to touch any part of it.  In this consisted the whole of the offence, but as it was a case brought forward merely to try the long contested right of bakers claimed, of not permitting the market jurors to weigh their bread, a discussion took place between the respective counsel, Mr. DEANE on the part of the procecutors and the corporation, and Mr. M'CARTHY anf Mr. CONNELL on the part of Mr. CROKER and the bakers, to establish or annul this right.  It appeared that the late Acts of Parliament, which empowered the market jurors to enter any bake-house, shop, &c; and to examine the quality of the bread, makes no mention of the right of weighing it, and that the Act which gave the latter power expired some time since.  The Recorder in charging the jury observed, that he had no doubt of the rght of the chief magistrate, of and of the civil officers, to enter into any market or shop where provisions or articles of the first necessity were exposed for sale, and to examine their quality and weight.  Ib the present case the market jurors were even prevented from examining the quality of the bread, which they were clearly empowered to do by Act of Parliament, and which he considered would justify the jury in finding a verdict against Mr. CROKER, on the mildest counts of the indictment; but on the right of weighing the bread he would withhold his opinion for the present, as he understood there was an action to be tried at the ensuing assizes which would set the business at rest.
  Mr. CROKER was accordingly found guilty, and the Recorder declared, that as it was a prosecution only to ascertain a right, and as it was stated by the prosecutors there were no circumstances of aggravation, he would only sentance him to the nominal punishment of a fine of 6d.; upon which Mr. CROKER was accordingly discharged.

[Holden's Triennial Directory Cork 1809, has Peter CROKER, baker residing at Paul St, Cork

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