Limerick General Advertiser

13 August 1816

  Sir Eyre COOTE.—A few months since, we announced. on the authority of the London Gazette, the supercedure of this Officer from the command of the regiment which he then held.  Since that time, he has been enrirely removed from the army, and his name, of course, struck out of the list: we have now to record the last act of official degradation which he was doomed to suffer in this country, upon a charge which should for ever be nameless in this country.  Saturday se'nnight, in consequenc of an order from the Herald's Office, the proper Officers proceeded to the stall in the abbey of Westminster, where his insigniæ of the Order of the Bath were deposited, and from that place they threw down the banner, and kicked it away, and completely degraded him from the honor which in the days of better fortune, and unsullied character, had been conferred on him.

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