Limerick General Advertiser

2 February 1815

  Gallant and effectual resistance—Saturday night, a numerous armed party attacked the house of Mr. Thomas DILLANE, of Ardpatrick, in this county (tenant to Robert MAXWELL, Esq) who, with assistance of his two brothers, offered every reesistance that was possible, which the ruffians outside finding effectual, they set fire to the house, in consequence of which the DILLANEs, with pitch forks, rushed out, took three of ringleaders and beat off the rest, who, like cowardly villians, ran in every direction.  DILLANE immediately sent to Kilfinane for a military detachment, and a party of the 84th regiment with Mr. William GUBBINS, most propmtly hastened to Ardpatrick, and conveyed the fellows, who are named BOURKE, TORPY, and RIORDAN, to Kilfinand bridewell, where they ar committed by G. W. BENNETT, Esq. and we are happy to say that one of them has given much information such as we understand, will completely break up the gangs and restore tranquility to the neighbourhood of Kilmallock and Kilfinane, which have lately been scenes of continued nightly disturbances.  We sincerely hope that the distinguished conduct of the DILLANEs will be properly rewarded.

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