Limerick General Advertiser

8 October 1819


  An attack of a most unprincipled nature was made on the house of Mr. DREW, Clarina, on the night of Tuesday, by a number of villians, who were for the most part, well mounted and armed.  They commenced their siege by demanding a saddle, which was delivered, contrary to their expectations, through a winbdow.  They then requested the fire-arms which they knew were in the house, and on receiving an answer, which they considered evasive, they discharged several shots which perforated the door.  A most determined resistance was now made by Mr. DREW & Sons, who, compelling them to raise the siege, which they did with the greatest precipiutation:— after they were supposed to have decamped, three shots were fired through the door in an oblique direction, which were directed in this manner by one of the ruffians, who took his stand behind a turf-stack, expecting that his fire would be effectual, as the family migth be off their guard; but we are happy in stating, his intentions were disappointed.  In their flight they carried off the wounded, who must have been numerous, as a great quantity of blood was siffused to a considerable extent before the door, and could be traced along the road to some distance.— Mr. DREW we are happy to find has made efficient preparations, provided they are disposed to repeat their visit.  A door of considerable thickness has been fitted up, and every precaution resorted to, which we trust will be sufficient to prevent a repetition of crimes so disgraceful to the County, and injurious to Social welfare.

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