Limerick General Advertiser

6 June 1817

  At an early hour on the morning of Friday last, a body of men, with cars and horses went to the lands of Clonegarry, between Bruff and Kilmallock, in order to procure potatoes; they demanded them of some farmers resident on the lands, of the name DRISCOLL—but were informed that they had not a sufficency for themselves, therefore could afford them none— they, not content with this reply, were proceeding to violence, when a scuffle ensude—the DRISCOLLs proving the stronger party, they thought it proper to retire, and effected their retreat to Kilmallock, where having been joined by others, to the number of 100 men, women and children, armed with various weapons of destruction, such as scythes, swords, pitchforks, sticks, &c.—they returned to the fray with animated vigour, and were received by the DRISCOLLs with equal spirit, who being in expectation of their return, had prepared for them.—  On the meeting of the respective parties, hostilities were renewed, and desparately continued for some time—many were dangerously wounded, and it is impossible to say where it would have ended, but that H. BEVAN, Esq. who is a magistrate for the county, and his son, the Rev William BEVAN, providentially for the combatants, heard the shouts and clamgoar of hostile arms, and immediately rode into the midst of them, regardless of personal safety, in their benevolent exertion to stop the effusion of human blood.—On the appearance of these gentlemen, the delinquents fled, but not before three of the principals had been captured.

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