Limerick General Advertiser

14 April 1820

  Execution.—On Wednesday, Daniel DUGGAN, for burglary in the house of John KELLY, and Darby COOMY, for robbing John LEO, were hanged at Gallows-Green, pursuant to sentence at last assizes.  The unfortunate men met their fate with becomming piety, resignation and firmness.  When they ascended the scaffold, COOMEY shortly addressed the surrounding spectators, he admitted the offence for which he was about to suffer, but denied that he had any other object than merely the taking of arms, in which he had used no violence.  DUGGAN protested his innocence to the last moment.  A manifesto completely differing from the expressions delivered by DUGGAN or COOMEY, tho' purporting to be their last speeches & dying declaration, was cried through the streets long ere they reached the place of execution.  We have now adverted three times to this horrid practice, which if again repeated, we shall venture on a course perhaps not very agreeable to the person whom those forgeries issue.  Let it be recolklected, that the heart-rending pangs of an unfortunate fellow-creature are the purchase of the trifling profits derived from this most mercenry and miserable traffic.  Possibly their publication may be conducive of some good effects, by warning others against those practices which have drawn down the vengeance of justice on the unfortunate delinquent, but humanity would suggest, that his latter moments be peaceful and undisturbed, and that his mind be not distracted from those contemplations which should attend them.

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