Freeman's Jounrnal — 18 April 1842

Fatal conflict at Clonmoyle

  An inquest was held on Tuesday, by Thomas GAMBLE Esq, coroner, upon the body of Michael CANTWELL, who was killed the preceeding day at Clonmoyle, in this county, near Rathgormuck and Mothill, as stated in our last. Three magistrates of this city and John CLARKE, Esq, county inspector of constabulary, assisted at the inquest. The verdict was, "that the deceased came by his death in consequence of a bayonet wound inflicted on him while opposing the sheriff of the county in executing a writ of habere."

  The fatal wound was received by the deceased in the left breast, causing death in a very few minutes. It was not ascertained by whom the wound was inflicted.

  It appears that the sheriff narrowly escaped injury when the entry was first effected into the house, so determined was the resistance. Besides the rude but destructive weapons wielded by CANTWELL and the people with him they also resisted the officers of law with hot water. In the struggle sub-inspector ASHBURY, of Kilmacthomas, who commanded the constabulary, received a dreadful blow from the party inside — he was knocked down, and had one, at least, of his ribs fractured. The force accompanied the sheriff consisted of thirty of the constabulary from surrounding stations, and twenty of the 26th regiment, from Carrick-on-Siur. The party inside the house consisted of eight individuals.

  We understand the three sons of the deceased, who were put under arrest by the sheriff, immediately making after good his entrance into the house, have been admitter to bail — Waterford Mirror

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