Limerick Evening Post and Clare Sentinel

16 July 1830

  Mr. George OSBORNE, Jun.—The distinguished rank our young and talented fellow citizen has attained, in having been appointed Pianist to the King of the Netherlands, and Musical Instructor to the children of the Prince of Orange, was noticed some time since, in the Post and Sentinel; and his arrival in London, within the last few days, to publish some of his own compositions, in addition to those already published at Paris and Brussells, evinces the quality of mind and genius he possesses to merit the distinction deservedly attached to his name in the theatrical world.  On his arrival in London, he was solicited to take a part in the Grand Mourning Concert [for King George IV] got up by DE BERIOT, on Monday, 5th Instant, at the great room, King's Theatre, in which he was accompanied by DE BERIOT, one of the first Violin performers in the world, in two brilliant duets, of which the London Papers speak in the most rapturous terms.  When it is considered that the first musicians in Europe, consisting of Madame MALIBRAN, HAMMELL, SAGTINI &c., &c., put forth their extraordinary powers on this occasion, it must have been highly gratifying to Mr. OSBORNE and his friends in this City to find that three of the exquisite pieces performed were selected from his own compositions.  The London Morning Post, looked upon by the fasionables of that great Metropolis as the mirror and chronicle of the times, thus speaks of this young Gentleman; "There were two brilliant duets for the Violin and Piano Forte exceedingly well executed by DE BERIOT and Mr. OSBORNE, a young Hibernian, who has been in the Netherlands for some time, and whose performance on the Piano Forte is of the first order."


There is a partial biography of George OSBORNE in Old Limewrick Journal

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