Limerick General Advertiser

5 May 1820

  On Monday night last, four men armed with a blunderbuss and other weapons, broke into the house of a poor but industrious man, named Michael HARTNETT, residing on the lands of Boherard, near Bruff, between the hours of twelve and one o'clock, having dragged him out of bed, they placed him on his knees, presented a blunderbuss at his breast, and swore that they would take his life, if did not take an oath which they administered to him, never to reveal the circumstances of that night,  Situated as he was it was out of his power to refuse, he accordingly took the oath, and they then deliberately broke open his box, and took thereout 35 guineas in bank notes and cash, a suit of clothes, and other articles, with which they decamped.--- Some of those sanguinairy wretches evinced a disposition to have taken away his life; in order to prevent disclosure, but this was providentially over-ruled by another of the party, who said there was no fear of discovery.  The entire party were composed of one family, and were immediately recognised by HARTNETT—Daniel HIGGINS, Paul HIGGINS, William HIGGINS, Edmund HIGGINS, and Elinor HIGGINS, alias SULLIVAN.  they are supposed to have gone to Dublin, in order to get off to England.  After taking the different articles of clothes, &c. out of the box they made up them up in a bundle and delivered them to the woman by whom they were accompanied.  We trust that the Dublin police will not fail to be on the look-out for those fellows.  Daniel HIGGINS is a cooper, 6 feet high, sandy complexion, ill made; Paul HIGGINS, stout made, dark complexion, rather grey hair and close sighted; William HIGGINS, 6 feet high, ill made, sandy hair and complexion; Edmond HIGGINS, rather low, of middle made; Elinor HIGGINS, as an elderly Widow, and the mother of Paul and Daniel HIGGINS.

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