Limerick General Advertiser

7 March 1820

We are glad to find that after ending all the hardships, described in the following letter, that our spirited young townsman Mr. Henry GOGGIN, is comfortably settled in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz, 8, 1820.

  Dear Father.—I avail myself of Capt. COOTE's going to Ireland, to let you knowI have left the Patriot service, and will now give some account of that wretched business.  Those in authority there, are literally starving every one unfortunate enough to be in their power.  No Pay, and if any one attempts to ask for it, he is sent into the fort, where he remains during the pleasure of the commanding officer.  The men were obliged to live on bread and water; our rations were a pound of bread, a pound of fish, and a pint of wine for 24 hours. The hardships of the men led them into many things, by which some of the officers suffered severely; they stole my coat, all my shirts and stockings &c the houses we slept in being without doors.  All The Limerick lads who came out, are goe to the West India Islands, Messrs. ANGLIM, EGAN, O'BRIEN, RYAN &c. Messrs REUIT and REIDY, are here.  To Mr. Thomas BOURKE, of this Settlement, I am particularly indebted; he is the son of MR. BOURKE, of Clare-street, who formerly held the Brewery at Pennywell.  To Me this gentleman has acted like a brother; he has paid me the kindest attention; he went scurity for me to the governer, and has promised to do every thing in his power for me, so that my prospects are now such as to promise my return to you hereafter in health and independence.
  The Patriots made an attack on Cumana, but were totally defeated; they took Barcelona, but were obliged to abandon it in three days, and retreat to Margaritta.  Their wounded have been horribly treated, left roaming thro' the country without any thing to support them; of course, the poor creatures dying in the fields.  By this you may perceive it is a glorious service.  Captain CHRISTOPHER, who brought me here, was extremely attentive to me.  You shall frequently hear from me.  I beg you to present my dutiful affection to, &c.
      I am, dear Father,
         Yours, &c.
           Henry H. GOGGIN.
  P. S. I will thank you to write to Rev. Mr. RENNETT, of Grantstown, in the co. Waterford, letting him know that his son is with me, and quite well.
  I hereby publicly express my obligations to Thomas BOURKE, jun. Esq. of the Island of Santa CRUZ, for his kindness to my son, after his sufferings in the South American Service.  To Mr. BOURKE, I feel myself indebted, not only for his immediate attention, but for the generous way he took my son by the hand.  To acknowledge which, in his native city, I consider due to himself and his family.
     Michael GOGGIN.
March 16, 820(sic)

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