Limerick General Advertiser

7 March 1820

The late Rev. Mr. MULQUINY
  We find the following advertisement, which appears in the last Hue-and-Cry, that the names and persons charged with the murder of this lamented gentleman are known.
  Murder.---Henry O'BRIEN, Conner MURPHY, and William M'INERY stand charged on oath with the murder of the Rev. Mr. MULQUIN, P. P. of Ballinvana, on the night of the 8th of Nov. last and are described as follows, viz.
  Henry O'BRIEN, from twenty-eight to thirty years of age, five feet eight inches high, lightly marked with small-pox, fair hair, pale face, stout made, wore a grey frize coat, yellow cassimere waistcoat, corduroy breeches---labourer.
  Connor MURPHY, five feet seven inches high, round shouldered, walks with a stoop, black hair, dark complexion, long thin jawed, slender made, about twenty-four to twenty-six years of age, wore a grey frize coat, yellow waistcoat, corduroy breeches---labourer.
  William M'INERY, from twenty to twenty-three years of age, about five feet eight inches high, pale face, long nose, wore a grey frize coat, black waistcoat, brown velveteen breeches---farmer.

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