Limerick General Advertiser

3 June 1814

Horrid Murder

  With the deepest sentinemnts of regret we have to state, that on Sunday last, George ROBBINS, Jun. Esq. of Hymenstown, county Tipperary, received a blow which terminated his existance on the following morning. Mr. ROBBIN's father, for two or three Sundays, had permitted the lower orders of people to hurl on his grounds. but on account of the grass growing, and the cattle grazing thereon, he ordered that the hurling should be discontinued, and directed this young gentleman, accompanied by his cousin, Mr. CAREW, to inform the intended hurlers that they would not be permitted to hurl any more this season, and requested of them accordingly to disperse. Mr. ROBBINS, jun. and Mr. CAREW, having repaired to the place, (the former without his hat,) informed the people there assembled of his father's instructions, and in the kindest manner requested them to disperse; when a labourer in the service of Mr. ROBBINS, gave unexpectedly insulting language to young Mr. ROBBINS, telling him boldly the hurlers would not disperse, and they would hurl there in defiance of his father, and of all the ROBBINS's in the county Tipperary! Struck with the audacity and ingratitude of this ruffian, young ROBBINS seized the fellow by the collar, and said he would make him atone for his contumacy, by bringing him before a Magistrate—at which moment another came up and with deadly aim of a coward and assassin, struck Mr. ROBBINS with a hurl on the head, after which he never spoke, but died in a few hours. He was a young gentleman of the most amiable disposition and endearing manners, and was universally esteemend, respected, and admired. But nothwithstanding his virtues, not one present would tell the murderer's name! But murder "most foul as in the best it is," cannot long remain undiscovered, and we therefore hope, before long, to hear of the magistracy being enabled to bring the assassin to justice.—His remains were intered last Wednesday at the family vault at Burrisokcan.

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