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Nick Reddan's Newspaper Extracts — Index

The data includes entries that interest me from various Irish newspapers from 1720 to 1865 sorted by family name.

Papers include
Timespan held at NLA
Freeman's Journal FJSep 1763–1924
Dublin Weekly Journal DWJApr 1725–11 Apr 1752
Hoey's Dublin MercuryHDMSep 1769–Aug 1771
Pue's OccurrencesPue'sO1717–1755
Limerick General Advertiser or GazetteLGA17 Sep 1804–10 Nov 1820
Limerick ChronicleLC1768 – 30 Dec 1835 imperfect
Limerick Evening Post and Clare SentinelLEP-CS1 Jan 1828–17 Dec 1833; 2 Jan –14 Apr 1835
Limerick HeraldLH18 Apr 1831–31 Jan 1833
Limerick TimesLT30 Jun 1834–13 Feb 1837
The Limerick reporter and Tipperary vindicatorLRTV1839–1895 imperfect
Belfast NewsletterBNL1738–1800 imperfect
Limerick StandardLS10 Mar 1837–30 Dec 1841

All these newspapers are available on microfilm at the National Library of Australia which has an online catalogue.

Papers held elsewhere include
Cork Gazette and General AdvertizerCG&GALibrary of Congress (USA)
Faulkner's Dublin JournalFDJLibrary of Congress (USA)
Limerick Herald and Munster AdvertiserLHMANational Library of Ireland
Berrow's Wocester JournalBWJUniversity of Melbourne

Main families covered include CROKER, COOTE, DREW, SWAN and others with some relationship with them.

TYPE has the following values NPB = birth, NPM = marriage, NPD = death, NPA = advertisement, NPN = notice, NPS = news story




Christopher ABBOT  Walter ATKIN  Part 01
Walter ATKIN  Emanuel BAYLEY  Part 02
Henry BAYLEY  Joseph BENNETT  Part 03
Joseph BENNETT   BLACKER  Part 04
George BLACKETT  Mary BOWEN  Part 05
Nicholas BOWEN  William BROWN  Part 06
William BROWN  Thomas CARROL  Part 07
CARROL  Tankerville William CHAMBERLAIN  Part 08
Tankerville William CHAMBERLAIN  Robert CHRISTIE  Part 09
CHRISTIE  Catherine CONLAN  Part 10
Thomas CONLEY  Charles Philips COOTE  Part 11
Charles Philips COOTE   COOTE  Part 12
COOTE  Charles CROKER  Part 13
Charles CROKER  Helen Maria CROKER  Part 14
Henrietta Ellen CROKER  John Wilson CROKER  Part 15
John Wilson CROKER  William CROKER  Part 16
William CROKER  James DAWSON  Part 17
James DAWSON  Susan DOUGLAS  Part 18
Ansitasia DOWDALL  John DREW  Part 19
John DREW  John (the younger) DWYER  Part 20
Joseph DWYER   EWING  Part 21
Richard EYRE  Anthony FORSTER  Part 22
C J FORSTER  Thomas GARDE  Part 23
Thomas Wiliam GARDE  Paul GORE  Part 24
Percy GORE  John GREEN  Part 25
M GREEN  Samuel R HARDING  Part 26
Thomas HARDING  Margaret HENRY  Part 27
Margaret HENRY  Robert HOLMES  Part 28
Robert HOLMES  John HUNT  Part 29
John HUNT   JOCELYN  Part 30
Christopher JOHNSON  John KERNAN  Part 31
John KERNAN  Roger LANGLEY  Part 32
Roger LANGLEY  John LEE  Part 33
John LEE  James LEO  Part 34
John LEO  John LUTHER  Part 35
John LUTHER  Richard MARTIN  Part 36
Robert MARTIN  Thomas MAUNSELL  Part 37
MOONEY  Carroll P NAISH  Part 40
NAISH  Thomas O'DELL  Part 41
Thomas O'DELL  Robert ORMSBY  Part 42
Thomas ORMSBY  Robert PEACOCKE  Part 43
Rodney Robert PEACOCKE  Henry Hartstonge PERY  Part 44
Henry Hartstonge PERY  Richard PUE  Part 45
Richard PUNCE   REVOLTS  Part 46
Bridget REYNOLDS  Thomas Maunsell ROSE  Part 47
Thomas Maunsell ROSE  William RYVES  Part 48
William RYVES  Thomas SHEPPARD  Part 49
Robert SHERIDAN  Thomas SPRING  Part 50
Thomas SPRING  Benjamin SWAN  Part 51
Benjamin SWAN  James SYMES  Part 52
John SYMES   TAYLOR  Part 53
Charles Bury TURPIN  Jeoffry WALDRON  Part 55
Jeofry WALDRON  Nathaniel WEEKES  Part 56
Nicholas WEEKES  Thomas WILLSON  Part 57
William WILLSON  William WILSON  Part 58
William WILSON    Part 59
   Part 60

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