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The data in my extracts includes entries that interest me from various Irish newspapers from 1720 to 1865 sorted by family name. Simon's extracts references from Longford / Leitrim / Westmeath / Roscommon and were previously on his site LONGFORD ANCESTRY in a different format. They add some bredth and richness to my own efforts.

List of newspapers and where they might be found

Main families covered by my extracts include CROKER, COOTE, DREW, SWAN and others with some relationship with them.

TYPE has the following values NPB = birth, NPM = marriage, NPD = death, NPA = advertisement, NPN = notice, NPS = news story




??  Michael Lloyd APJOHN  Part 01
Michael Lloyd APJOHN  Joseph BANKS  Part 02
BANNATYNE  Henry Walter BELLEW  Part 03
John BELLEW  Samuel BENNETT  Part 04
Samuel BENNETT   BLACKER  Part 05
George BLACKETT  Robert BOURKE  Part 06
Robert BOURKE  George BREW  Part 07
Jane BREW  Richard BUNWORTH  Part 08
Thomas CARPENTER  Dorothy CHAMBERLAIN  Part 10
Eliza Caroline CHAMBERLAIN  Jonathan Whitby CHRISTIAN  Part 11
Jonathan Whitby CHRISTIAN  John COLE  Part 12
John COLE  Catherine COOTE  Part 13
Catherine COOTE  Eyre COOTE  Part 14
Eyre Tilson COOTE  Robert COX  Part 15
Samuel COX  Edward CROKER  Part 16
Edward CROKER  Jannette CROKER  Part 17
John CROKER  Richard CROKER  Part 18
Richard CROKER   CROKER  Part 19
CROKER  Thomas DAVIDSON  Part 20
Agnes DAVIES  [Harriet nee ROBERTS] DILLON  Part 21
Arthur DILLON  Edward W DREW  Part 22
Eliza DREW  Richard DREW  Part 23
Ringrose DREW  John EDWARDS  Part 24
Lizzie EDWARDS  Ellen EYRE  Part 25
Richard EYRE   FITZGERALD  Part 26
FITZGERALD  Catherine Payton FOX  Part 27
Daniel FOX  James GARVIN  Part 28
James GARVIN  Richard GOING  Part 29
Robert GOING  John GRAVES  Part 30
John GRAVES  George GUMBLETON  Part 31
George GUMBLETON  Bellingham Swan HARRIS  Part 32
Francis HARRIS  Mary HEMSWORTH  Part 33
Thomas HEMSWORTH  Robert HODSON  Part 34
Robert HODSON  Walter HORE  Part 35
Walter HORE  Jane IEVERS  Part 36
Richard IEVERS  Bridget JONES  Part 37
F JONES   KELLY  Part 38
KELLY  William LANE  Part 39
William B LANE  Richard LEDGER  Part 40
Robert LEDGER  Stephen LEE  Part 41
Susanna LEE   L'ESTRANGE  Part 42
David LUCAS  Nicholas MAHER  Part 44
MAHER  James MASSY  Part 45
James Fitzgerald MASSY  Robert MAXWELL  Part 46
Robert MAXWELL   MERCER  Part 47
Anne MERCIER  Georgina Ellen MONCK  Part 48
Georgina Ellen MONCK  Owen MORRISON  Part 49
Owen MORRISON  William NEWSON  Part 50
Francis NEWTON  Alexander O'DELL  Part 51
John O'DELL  Anthony ORMSBY  Part 52
Arthur ORMSBY  Margaret PATTON  Part 53
Sarah PATTON  William PENNELL  Part 54
Jonathan PIKE  Charles PUTLAND  Part 56
Charles PUTLAND  Michael REGAN  Part 57
Timothy REGAN  Thomas M'Dermott ROE  Part 58
William ROE  James RYAN  Part 59
James RYAN  Lucy SAUNDERS  Part 60
Lucy SAUNDERS  Sarah SIBTHORP  Part 61
SIBTHORP  Augs Fred SPENCE  Part 62
Augustus Frederick SPENCE   STUART  Part 63
Louisa STUART?  Wiiam Bellingham SWAN  Part 64
Wiliam Bellingham SWAN  Gertrude TAYLOR  Part 65
Godfrey TAYLOR  Charles TISDALL  Part 66
Charles TISDALL  Edward TYRRELL  Part 67
Edward TYRRELL  Hubert K WALDRON  Part 68
Hubert K WALDRON  Barbra WARREN  Part 69
Charles WARREN  John WHITE  Part 70
John WHITE  Edward WILSON  Part 71
Edward WILSON  Joseph WJEELER  Part 72
A WOGAN    Part 73
   Part 74
   Part 75

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