Limerick General Advertiser

20 July 1819

  Wednesday night, William WHITE, Esq. Sheriff Elect of Cork, arrested Robert HOLMES, on board an American ship, charged with the murder and robbery of James BOURKE, near Kilmallock, in the County of Limerick.  A constable was sent express on the Limerick coach, with letters to the Mayor and Alderman HARDING, requesting their assistance.  Mr. WHITE was applied to, and attended by the constable, whom Mr. W. recommended to be disguised lest he should be known, which was accordingly done; they proceeded to search the ships bound for America, and fortunately discovered HOLMES on board a ship at Lapp's isalnd, that was to sail in a day or two.  He was lodged in Bridewell on Wednesday night, and on Friday taken before the Mayor; he acknowledged being present at the murder, but denied having taken and part in it.—Blood was discovered on his coat on the day the murder was perpetrated, he said he had—he was committed to the County gaol of Cork.

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