Limerick General Advertiser

10 August 1819

  Friday last, James WALSH was executed at Gallows Green, near this City, pursuant to his sentance at this assizes, for the murder of Daniel BURKE, of Kilmallock, in this County, of the 22d of June last.— He was a tall athletic man, but his strength, as was natural, seemed on this occasion, to have almost entirely deserted him— he was supported by two clergymen of the Roman Catholic faith, HANRAHAN and DOWNES, and walked with an irresolute pace to the place of execution— here he shorthly addressed the immense crowd which had assembled to witness his last sad exit from life— he acknowledged the perpetration of the murder, and described the way in which he effected it, but attempted to justify the deed— he said, that though he did not think he should have suffered for that offence, he believed that his many former atrocities had deserved it.— The Rev. Gentlemen who attended, in a solemn and impressive manner exhorted him to forget this world, and to look forward to a better— after remaining for a few moments in prayer, and communication with the clegrymen, the executioner did his office, and the unhappy man was launched into eternity.  He was escorted by a party of the 18th Hussars and some of the 12th and 23d regts.  Sheriff JACKSON attended.  We before adverted to the shameful practice of selling speeches to boys, prior to the execution; this poor wretched being had hardly left the gaol, when they bellowed in his hearing— it is most offencive to humanity.  We trust we shall not have to repeat another observation on it.

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