Belfast Newsletter
28 March — 1 April 1796

Enniskillen Assizes

  The trial of Mr. John CROKER, charged on oath of Thomas CLARKE, with being a defender, and administering an unlawful oath, and that of his apprentice, William DROOGAN, charged with taking the oath, came on at the Assizes of Enniskillen, on Saturday last, before Tankerville CHAMBERLAINE, Esq. one of Majesty's Justices of the Court of King's Bench.
  The trial lasted five hours, and the jury after a few minutes consideration brouight in a verdict of not guilty.
   On the proceeding day the Counsel for the Crown rendered an affidavit made by Capt. COLE to put off the trial, the material facts of which were answered by an afidavit made by Mr. CROKER.— This produced an argument by, the Counsel, when the Judge was pleased to rule, that the trial should go on the next morning.
  Mr. CROKER had been put on trial at the last Assizes, and the jury continuing to disagree with the Judge, Mr. Justice DOWNES, was obliged to leave the town, they were carried to the verge of the country, there discharged, and the prisoners admitted to bail.
  The Counsel for the Crown were—Messrs. LUKE, FOX, STEWART, OFARRELL, FORTH, NIXON and CURRY
  The Counsel for the prisoner were—Messrs. MAC NALL— (who was brough down specially) ROLISTON and PLUNKET.

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