Limerick General Advertiser

16 November 1819

  Longevity---There is now living in Omagh, co. Tyrone, a worthy old man, aged 108 years, named John O'NEILL.  He has lived ninety years in the respectable family of the CAMPBELLs.  Captain CAMPBELL, the representative of that family, has settled a decent annuity on this ancient personage.  On last Hallowev'n, he sang some cheerful songs, with a good clear voice, not "piping in the treble," which Shakespeare deemed one of the characteristics of old age, but with full, manly tones.  His son, a venerable old man, aged eight one, sang second, and a numereus progeny of grand-children and great-grand children, joined in the chorus.--- The old man can walk about firmly and actively, but he cannot read small print so well as formerly, and lately expressed some surprise at this circumstance.

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