Limerick General Advertiser — 27 June 1817

County Limerick Meeting

This meeting on Tuesday [24 June 1817], convened by requisition to the High Sheriff, for the purpose of taking the present distressed state of the County into consideration, was respectably attended, at the Court House, John LOWE, Esq High Sheriff, being called to the Chair, and stated the object of the Meeting.

Edward CROKER Esq rose, and in a concise manner dwelt at considerable length upon the distresses of the county, and adverted to the outrages committed in various parts of it, and concluded by proposing that a Committee should be appointed to devise resolutions for the meeting to action. The following being nominated — Rt Hon Lord Viscount GORT, David ROCHE, Edward CROKER, Bolton WALLER, Joseph GUBBINS, Kilrush Esqrs and Rev Archdeacon MAUNSELL; they retired, and after some deliberation returned with the following, which being read and put from the chair, were unanimously adopted:—

RESOLVED — That we have viewed with considerable regret the very great distress that exists amongst the lower orders of the people of this County, and feel ourselves called upon to make every exertion to alleviate it, but we lament that a spirit of lawlessness and insubordination, existing in several parts of the County, has materially injured the markets, and if not speedily repressed must counteract every measure we can devise to procure food for the poor.

That in order to effect this we think it advisable that an application should be made to government to place a portion of the Yeomanry on permanent duty, in aid of the civil power.

That for the purpose of availing ourselves of the pecuniary assistance which his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been graciously pleased to offer, in Mr GREGORY's communication to the High Sheriff, it is expedient that an immediate return be made, by such Districts as have already subscribed for the relief of the poor, of the amount of the sums subscribed & actually paid to the receiver of such district for the purpose of transmitting the amount to Government; and that such districts as are now disposed to subscribe, be earnestly desired of proceed to collect the money immediately, and make a return of the amount paid in,

That we forbear from stating our opinions as to the particular manner in which the different districts should collect the subscriptions, under the impression that each of them will adopt the most effectual method which local circumstances may point out; but we recommend that the known divisions of the County, by Parishes, be adopted, as nearly as possible, for the divisions into districts for collecting subscriptions.

That the following Gentlemen be requested to put in furtherance of these resolutions in their respective Baronies, at the earliest day, and to divide them as recommended.

Upper Connelloe — Colonel ODELL, Rev J GRAVES, Michael SCANLAN, and Edward CUFFE.

Lower Connelloe — Geo LUAKE, S E RICE, Rev Edward JEFFERIES, John HEWSON, John MASSY and J S BROWN.

Costlea — High Sheriff, Honorable G E MASSY, C D OLIVER, George FOSBERY, and Thadeus RYAN.

Coshma — David ROCHE, Archdeacon MAUNSELL, John CROKER, David ROCHE, jun, Henry LYONS, Rev John CROKER, and Rev Edward CROKER.

Small County — Joseph GUBBINS, De Courcy O'GRADY, and Thomas O'GRADY.

Clanwilliam — Edward CROKER, Wm GABBETT, and Colonel BOURKE.

Kenry — John WALLER, Aubrey De Vere HUNT, John Thomas WESTROPP, and Richard TAYLOR.

Pubblebrien — William Thomas MONSELL, Geo TUTHILL, John GREEN, Villiers PEACOCK, and Edw VILLIERS.

Coonagh — Rev Chas. COOTE, Hiffernan CONSIDINE, and Rev Richard LLOYD.

Owneybegg — Robert SMITHWICK, and EdmondBOURKE

That the committee consisting of the undernamed Nobleman and Gentlemen, three to be a Quorum, be appointed to receive the reports of the different district subscriptions, and to communicate with Government upon the subject; and that they be recommended to meet at the County Court House on Thursday the 3d of July — High Sheriff, Lord GORT, Edward CROKER, Bolton WALLER, Joseph GUBBINS, David ROCHE, Archdeacon MAUNSELL, Edw LOWE, William GABBETT, John CROKER, Ballyneguard, and George Evans BRUCE.

Upon the motion of Lord Viscount Gort seconded by Edward CROKER Esq the following resolutions were unanimously agreed to:—

That the thanks of this county are justly due and hereby given to General O'LOUGHLIN, commanding this district, for the wish he has uniformly shown to preserve the peace of the county — the assistance he has afforded to the protection of property, and facility given by wise regulation he has adopted to the transport of provisions to the different markets.

The High Sheriff having left the chair, and Edward CROKER Esq being called thereto, that thanks of the meeting were unanimously voted to the High Sheriff, for his very proper conduct in the chair, and for his promptitude in calling the Meeting.