Limerick General Advertiser

1 May 1807

Marriage of Mary CASEY.

  In consequence of an advertisment which appeared lately in a Limerick paper, relative to the marriage of Michael CASEY, Mary CLANCHY (to which name she once had the misfortune to add that of CASEY) feels herself called upon to make her humble appeal to the public%#151;she does so, and leaves it to the impartiality of that public, to judge and consider whether Michael CASEY's assertions have been built on falshood or truth—whether he has not with too much effrontery dared to insult society, and impose on the public mind—and whether in fin, the folowing proofs of her marriage, of which she holds the original, give her not just title to contradict his foul and outrageous calumnies, and through her sorrow, yet thus publicly in the sage of the world to avow, that she is the lawful but much injured wife of an ungenerous husband, named Michael CASEY.
  "It is indubitably certain both from the Registry of this Parish, and the testimony of creditable witnesses, now living in said Parish, that on the 19th of November, 1799, Mochael CASEY, a private inb the Limerick Fencibles, and Mary CLANCHY from Limerick, also, but then living in this town with her brother — were married according to the rights and ceremonies of the Catholic Church by the Rev. Wm. KEATING, then assistant Priest in the Parish of Lismore.  Dated at Lismore this 27th day of April, 1807.
    "Maurice COLEMAN, P P. of Lismore"
  "Mary CLANCHY was considered by her acquaintenances here as a disceret well-behaved girl, and Mich CASEY then a prudent lad, never seen drunk while in Lismore. M. COLEMNAN."

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