Limerick General Advertiser

19 May 1820

  We copy the following affidavit which appears in the Chronicle of Wednesday in the shape of an advertisement:---
County of the City of Limerick, and County of Limerick, to wit.
  Affidavit of Daniel HARTNETT, son of Michael HARTNETT, of Boherard, in the Parish of croom, Barony of Coshma, and County of Limerick, Farmer:
  Deponent being duely sworn, depotheth and saith, that he had been informed, that he hath been informer, that the said Michael HARTNETT hath exhibited Informations before a Magistrate of said Co. of Limerick, charging, that his house was attacked by a party of seven mmen and more, consisting of Daniel HIGGINS, Paul HIGGINS, William HIGGINS, Edmond HIGGINS, Elinor HIGGINS, alias SULLIVAN, and that said party administered an oath to him, had arms, and robbed him of a sum of Thirty-five Pounds sterling or thereabouts, in the latter end of April, or beginning of this month, which alleged outrage (which never took place) appeared in the Limerick Gazette.
  Now the Deponent positively and truly depotheth, that the said Michael HARTNETT, his said father, hath not lived with his family at Boherard, aforesaid, these six weeks last past, that there has not been any attack on the house of the said Michael HARTNETT, at Boherard, nor upon any other house at Boherard, aforesaid, these six months past, by any person or persons whatsoever, nor was there any robbery or other offence committed in said house, that the said Elinor HIGGINS otherwise SULLIVAN, is deponent's grand-mother; said Daniel HIGGINS, and Paul HIGGINS, his uncles, and the said William HIGGINS and Edmond HIGGINS, are near relatives of the deponent's; and said Michael HARTNETT did not, this long time past, give any assistance to this deponent's mother and family, and in consequence of the distreess occasioned by such conduct, the said Daniel HIGGINS and deponent's uncles, grand-mother, and friends, used to assist deponent's mother, himself, and the other children, was the cause of the said Michael HARTNETT's swearing informations before now for another robbery against them, which were ignored by the Grand Jury of this Co. and the cause of these last informations was, that an uncle of deponent's, now living in London, knowing the distressed state of deponent's mother and children, sent for them to go to him, which they did about the time that these informations were sworn, and were accompanied by their uncles and friends that are sworn against, and all of which was done without cause, and through spite and malice.  Sworn before, us, this 15th day of May 1820.       Joseph GABBETT, Mayor.
          A. WATSON.
  Daniel HARTNETT.
  We should not have noticed the above had not the mention of the outrage originated with us; we gave it on authority of one who had previously sworn informations before a respctable magistrate of this county, and we question whether our authority may not yet prove correct.  However, we are now done with it--the oath of one man is set against that of another, and nothing but a legal investigation can decide the validity of either.---Ed.

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