Freeman's Journal

27 September 1858

  A Novel Case.—At the police office, on Saturday, Mr. E. T. POWER, on behalf of a young and rather good-looking female, of the clase described by some as "respectable country dames," applied for some compulsory process to make a woman living in this town deliver up possession of a child, now about a year old, and which was the illisit offspring of the applicant's client.  It appeared that the owner of the child, immediately after the consumation of her shame, handed ove her offspring to the defendant, with one pound as a bribe to, as she said, put it in the poorhouse, but this obligation, for causes unknown to us, she did not perform, and in the meantime she became attached to the child that she refused to give it to any one out of her own keeping, and the owners of it, perhapse fearing ulterior unpleasentness, were anxious to regain possession, which the bench decided they had no power to give, and the poor woman went off with her adopted child still in her possession, to the chargrin of its relenting mother.— Waterford News

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