Limerick Evening Post and Clare Sentinel

20 July 1830

  The Rev. Mr. MURNANE, P. P. of Kilmallock, has received Ten Pounds from Chidley COOTE, Esq. for the relief of the poor of that parish, as also Seven Pounds from Eyre EVANS, Esq. of Ash-hill, with a promise of further assistance.  Two Pounds from Mr. OLIVER of Kilfinnan, Mr. James IEVERS haas given half a ton of oatmeal, and the Rev. James ELLARD has given five pounds worth of the same.— Mr. GASCOIGNE OLIVER has sent him, through his agent Dan. BARRINGTON, Esq. Twenty-pounds to be given to the labouring poor.  These are acts of benevolence that must endear such Benefactors to the remembrance and gratitude of the poor.  Application has been made to several other landed Proprietors, but their replies are not yet received.  There has been also Twenty Pounds subscribed in small sums by the Parishioners for the same benevolent purpose.


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