Freeman's Journal

27 July 1857

  Resistance to the Sheriff.— Yesterday the sub-sheriff, whose prescence in court was dispensed with by the judge of assize, proceeded, with Wm. HUNT, Esq., to the lands of Shangarry or Wilford, about 15 miles from Clonmel to give possession to John GOING, Esq., the purchaser, under an injunction from the Incumbered Estates Court.  A large police force from Drangan and Lismolin stations was in attendance.  Upon gaining admission into the house, a many-roomed, fast decaying building, it was found to be occupied only by an elderly amazon, who swore that possession should never be taken but at the cost of her life; and while the assistants were removing the furniture, Mr. BRITT (the tenant in possession), his sons and several other persons came to her aid, repeating the threats previously used, and alleging that the order was obtained by fraud; they were therefore, determined to give every possible resistance, and a kind of demi-passive force was used to retain every room, from which and the dwelling-house they were finally expelled, not however, without many a struggle, which but for the forebearance, and at the same time determination, of the sheriff and constabulary, would have terminated seriously.  It was eight o'clock p.m., before the police force was withdrawn, but they got instructions from the sheriff to patrol the locallity during the night lest any attack might be made on the man left in charge of the place by Mr. HUNT.—Clonmel Chronicle

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