Limerick Evening Post and Clare Sentinel

20 July 1830

  Wednesday night, a band of armed men entered Moyaliffe Glebe, Thurles, the residence of the Rev. William LEE, broke in the celler window, and made their attack at the Rev. Gentleman's bed-room door.  He opened it and was encountered by three of the party.  He was twice knocked down and very severely cut in his face; his wife endeavouring, with the fortitude of a Roman matron, to save him, received four very severe blows.  Unarmed and alone, he did not think resistance at all availing; he therefore gave them the key of his desk, which they made him come down with them to open—they took about sixteen shillings, and then proceeded to rifle every thing in the house, silver spoons, bacon, a gardevine, &c., and broke all the glass, dishes, ∓c., in their way.  Except being very faint from a considerable loss of blood, he is, we are glad to say, quite well, and Mrs. LEE will not be much injured.  They took a silver watch, a steel chain, and a gold seal, with the initials W, L.—crest, a falcomn on a pillar, preying on the leg of a fowl; large and small spoons, amd a butter ladle, crested as above.


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