Limerick Chronicle

4 July 1827


  In the full noon of Saturday last, Robert Chadwick, Esq., son of Captain Chadwick, of Perry-Ville, and nephew of William Sadlier, of Salleir's-Wells, Esq., was shot dead, by assassins, in a populous neighbourhood, between Fethard and Kilmore.  The head and body of unfortunate young Gentleman were perforated again and again with bullets, and the spectacle thus exhibited was savage and brutal in the extreme.  Mr. Chadwick was not more than 25 years of age, a brother in law of Mr. Roe of Roe's-Boro', late Candidate for Tipperary, and connected with some of the first family in that County.  The merciless perpetrators of this sanguinary and fatal outrage retired from the scene of murder without obstruction, but the most active measure are now being taken for their apprehension, and violated justice calls loudly for their punishment.  In the capacity of Agent to a Landed Property, on Mr. Chadwick had recently devolved the painful duty of dispossessing some of the defaulting cottiers; and, while engaged in completing his arrangements, and marking out the ground for another purpose, a diabolical feeling of revenge is believed to have prompted the destruction of their innocent and unthinking victim.
  Four men have been since arrested on suspicion of the murder.
  The situation of Weighmaster of the town of Tipperary vacant by the death of Mr. Chadwick—Mr. Chadwick was only elected last Spring.


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