Limerick General Advertiser

12 September 1820

  On Saturday last, Simon BROWNE, who was convicted at the last Assizes of Cork, of high-way robbery on Mushra Mountain, underwent the awful sentence of the law.  He was a young man, not more that 23 years of age; and had served in the 49th regiment, from which he had about 12 months ago deserted.  His person and inflexible courage shewed him to have been well-fitted for the desparate life to which he had lately resigned himself.  In his way to the place of ececution he manifested no change of countenance, although he appeared exceedingly attentive to the Clergymen by whom he was assisted, and read a prayer-book with marked devotion.  At the Gallows he expressed no dread of death; but said, that if he thought his penitence acceptable to God, he would die contented.  Before he ascended the the fatal scaffold, he earnestly besought an interview with his wife, which was granted—she was rather a well-looking young creature, and the separation was extremely painful to the spectators.  He mounted the ladder with a firm step; and after begging the prayers of the persons assembled, was launched into eternity.  He died with little struggle; and, after hanging the usual time, was cut down, and the body given to his friends.

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